Southern (C)harm: A Roadtrip

Abandoned house near Steinhatchee, Florida

Champion Live Oak Tree, Florida. Height: 79 feet. Circumference: 29 feet. Average crown spread: 154 feet.

The South is hot, spiced and dangerously addictive. At least when you’re roadtripping the white beaches of Florida, the tornado-stricken Alabama, the countless river streams of Mississippi and the humid bayous of Louisiana. Southern towns are sleepy in the morning and lazy in the evening. Whereas northern cities never seem to really rest, what with all the cocktail parties and business meetings, everything seems to be taken down a notch in the South. Why rush to work like a frenzied ghoul when you can effectively mozey along? Why go out for Lobster in one of New York’s Finest when you can go catfish(in’) in your back yard?

The first rule of roadtripping

When visiting, make sure you are actually visiting. Driving through a town with one hand on the steering wheel and the other one holding a camera out of the window and randomly clicking away: does not count. If you drive hundreds of miles and only spend ten minutes in a place, you might just as well have given the local tourist information center a quick ring. Be curious. Opening the door of your air conditioned car and actually stepping outside might help.

The second rule of roadtripping

Never turn down an invitation. It is not only the visitor who is curious, but also the visited. Sure, southern cuisine can be a bit… spiced and strange, but you’ll get the hang of it. If you don’t like Alligator Bites, just think of it as a big chunk of chicken. Everyone likes chicken.

The third rule of roadtripping

If you don’t go when you go, when you go you’ll find you’ve already gone.

to be continued…

Photographs by: nflemming

One response to “Southern (C)harm: A Roadtrip

  1. I like the rules. Another comes to mind:

    as visitor, respect those visited (as much as you expect to be respected in turn).

    On a trip to isolated oases in the Sahara, step outside your tent in a long-armed T-shirt (rather than a bikini top) … protects against more than just the sun!

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