Being a student of any kind is challenging – sometimes boring – but mostly challenging. Some spend entire years trying to memorize hundreds of medical names in Latin, others try to understand the echoes of our world’s history neatly confined to 700 pages of a paperback book. It so happens that we become so consumed by manuscripts, term papers and essays, that we forget that the world exists outside the confinements of books and classrooms. From time to time, we need a window to look out from. Because the world cannot be understood by simply reading a book. It needs to be seen, felt and tasted. The world cannot be described by a single sentence. It needs to be experienced and lived.

I am a student of journalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. I have challenging books piled on my desk to my right and a printer on the other side to my left. But no matter how cluttered my mind gets, I always enjoy looking through an open window.


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